Local Phuket Massages are the best!

Fancy a massage in Phuket? Of cause you do! It’s one of Thailands main attractions, cheap but good Thai massage shops are everywhere in the Rawai area. They are some even walking distance from our Coconut Paradise Villas. There is a range of different massages you can get but the common ones are Thai, oil and foot massage. Thai massage usual involves you keeping your clothes on and being massaged in certain pressure points. The masseuse will move your body in certain positions to stretching the muscle they are currently massaging. Oil massage is a popular one and involves you stripping down to your undies, some massage shops will provide netted underwear you can use. They will then massage your entire body using aromatic oils. This is a great massage to get if you spend the day at the beach to help put some moisture back into your skin. You can even ask for aloe vera oil to help you deal with any sunburn you may have.

There are many advantages to getting a massage whilst on holiday, firstly it can help you get over the jetlag. Getting a massage in the evening time will ensure you stay asleep through the night. Its also great stress reliever, you are on holiday after all so why not learn to relax a little. Massages are great for recovery, whether it be from walking around all day doing sightseeing or if you decided to try one of the Muay Thai gyms. Either way, we would highly recommend you get them daily as it only costs 300 baht for your basic oil or foot massage. And if will keep your energy up and your immune system running strong.